Dr.Ben Carson book cover
Title: One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future

Author: Dr. Ben Carson
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Dr. Ben Carson’s ‘One Nation’ has been a major bestseller…and the mainstream media has ignored it

Here are three of the more insightful takes on Carsons book from Amazon and Goodreads:

This book supports itself with a strong structure of common sense, basic morality, and a willingness to compromise and listen to opposing views. Dr. Carson makes novel but common sense proposals to get us out of the morass in which we are mired. It does not matter whether one is a Democrat or Republican; we are all Americans and must get together to solve our problems and preserve our American Republic! His book is written well with passion, conviction, and statesmanship.

One of the fairest political books Ive read. Ben Carson, along with his wife, have a knack for direct, insightful, but fair observations on the landscape surrounding them. While Mr. Carson undoubtedly falls on the more Conservative side of the spectrum he still criticizes the GOP frequently. He does his best to state his opponents views with an air of respect, and then politely describe why he disagreed. His analysis of different issues is engaging and illuminating, but what makes the book truly valuable is Mr. Carson's demonstrations of respectful debate, which he believes could unite this country.

A must-read for anyone who cares about the United Statesfuture.

Anthony DeChristopher
Title: Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics

Author: Charles Krauthammer
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Charles Krauthammer’s ‘Things That Matter’ continues to top the charts

So yes, politics and governing is fraught with temptations and dangers. There are plenty of people who bring dishonor to the enterprise. But at the risk of sounding out of touch with our times, there is something ennobling about politics, at least when done properly. We cannot neglect the importance of our laws or the political philosophies in which we root our laws because we cannot neglect their influence on our lives. Such are the duties of citizenship in a free society.

That is, I think, what Charles Krauthammer is saying; and why what he is saying matters so very much.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Book Review:

“This is a great book for any reader who has an interest in politics, in Charles Krauthammer and in a studying the writings of a great thinker and a great writer. I like this book. And, it’s worth repeating, I like Charles Krauthammer.”

Washington Times Book Review:

“Indeed, no columnist’s body of work (even my own, alas) could ever be described as perfect. Yet the mark of a successful writer is to create theses, devise arguments and defend them with intelligence and eloquence. The times will change, economic situations will transform, and the political winds will surely blow in different directions. But the power of Mr. Krauthammer’s written words prevail, even though that moment in time has passed.”